7 Of the Most Underrated Marvel Villains

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7 Of the Most Underrated Marvel Villains

Written By: Max Powers

Between 1986 and present day there have been over 50 Marvel movies made for us to watch, critique, and enjoy. Fans new and old have enjoyed the Marvel Universe much longer from comics to the big screen.

Fans who have read the comics know of many more villains than just those who've appeared in movies against Spider-Man and the X-Men. But, with Marvel expanding their movies and introducing the backstories of many supers comes the expansion of villains as well.

Despite all the heroes and heroines in the Marvel Universe, there are more villains than you might be aware of. Below are 7 of the most underrated marvel villains in existence.

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1. Skrulls

Skrulls Marvel

Picture green-skinned aliens who have the power of shapeshifting and you get the Skrulls. They have the ability to hide anywhere with minimal effort and that's what makes them dangerous.

They first appeared as one of the Fantastic Four's earliest enemies and became one of the worst. Super-Skrull is the most powerful among them with combined powers of the Fantastic Four. Not only does he have the powers but he uses them better too.

If you know the backstory of the Fantastic Four's fight against Super-Skrull, you know how it turns out. He may have been defeated by the Fantastic Four but he's also gone on to fight Thor and the Avengers.

2. Taskmaster


While most villains have a personal vendetta against a specific hero, Taskmaster will fight anyone as long as the job pays well. Marvel comic book fans are well aware of his tragic past. Tony Masters aka Taskmaster was originally a SHIELD agent who became part of an experiment gone terribly wrong.

After losing important memory details about his life he became Taskmaster. He has incredible mnemonic abilities and is able to copy the physical actions of others by watching them. After studying the fighting techniques of superheroes he dove into a life of crime.

3. Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus has only been onscreen once in 2002 against Spider-Man and remains one of his greatest enemies. Though he's only been in one movie against Spider-Man, they've had intense fight scenes and try to outsmart one another. It's an interesting dynamic that reaches beyond physical fight scenes.

4. Cassandra Nova

A villain never before scene on-screen, Cassandra Nova is a complex villain. She's part of a parasitic race of psychic beings and attached herself to Charles Xavier while he was still a fetus. By doing so she absorbed the darkest parts of his mind and became his evil twin sister.

Cassandra Nova Villain

Over the years she created an army of Sentinels, ordering them to murder over 16 million mutants on the island of Genosha. She is an extremely dangerous villain and one of the X-Men's worst enemies.

5. Juggernaut

Those who have seen the most recent Marvel movie of Deadpool 2 got a glimpse or two of this underrated villain - Juggernaut. Originally the jealous step-brother of Charles Xavier, Cain found a gem dedicated to Cyttorak, a god. Once he touched the gem, he became Juggernaut, Cyttorak's avatar on Earth.

Juggernaut is almost an indestructible villain. The only ways of beating or killing him are by taking off his helmet or trapping him in concrete. While he mainly uses his powers to terrorize Xavier and the X-Men, he will also go after Spider-Man, Thor, and the Hulk.

With his powers, he's strong enough to move mountains and is immune to any physical attack. Despite this, he's often only used as a meat shield and weapon by other more popular villains, making him underrated.

6. Typhoid Mary

Tyroid Mary Villain Marvel

Typhoid Mary, although a villain, is a relatable character. She suffers from severe dissociative identity disorder and has not one but three different personalities: the shy and quiet Mary, Typhoid - violent and lustful, and the Bloody Mary who's sadistic and brutal. A character with this much dynamic definitely has an interesting backstory.

When she is Typhoid and Blood Mary she turns into a mutant with telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities with trained martial art moves. She was originally hired to kill Daredevil, but Mary began dating him instead. Eventually, her evil side beat out Mary and she led a team of mercenaries against him.

7. Arcade

Another villain who's never been in a film is Arcade. If you've seen the "Saw" movies, he's like Jigsaw. He enjoys murdering with elaborate plans and deathtraps while playing with his victims. Oftentimes he'll give them a sliver of a chance to survive all the while knowing their death is impending.

Arcade Villain Marvel

In the comics, he's gone after Ghost Rider, the X-Men, Spider-Man, and even Alpha Flight. His backstory is interesting in that it isn't quite clear - we don't even know his real name.

Underrated Marvel Villains

Because the Marvel Universe is so big and continually expanding it's unlikely we'll see every Marvel villain in a movie against our favorite superheroes. Who know's what future movies will hold, and we may even get a movie based on Marvel villains alone.

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