If MummRa and Skeletor Teamed Up?

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If MummRa and Skeletor Teamed Up?

Written by: Max Powers
An Alliance of Ultimate Evil
Of all the dangers facing the world today, North Korean nuclear proliferation, looming ecological disaster, an outbreak of the superflu impervious to vaccination, none fills a mortal man with more dread than the greatest threat ever conceptualized: the day when MummRa and Skeletor team up on our comfortable villain t-shirts. In an era of one-dimensional heroes, it was the villains that captured the imagination. Even now when most fans have grown, they remember the disturbingly shrill cackle of Skeletor and the deep growl of MummRa as he was transformed by the ancient spirits of evil.

It’s a normal day. The profligate prince of Eternia is wasting the afternoon lounging by the pool with his pathetic pet. He's satisfied that all he has to do if Skeletor shows up is unsheathe his magic sword and banish the Lord of Destruction back to his moldy cave. Meanwhile, on Third-Earth, Lion-O and his feline friends are cautious. They know MummRa is probably hatching another of his elaborate plots that test the heroes’ mettle every Saturday morning.
MumRa and Skeletor Team Up

Today, things are different. The worlds have collided and Skeletor, the Overlord of Evil, has joined forced with MummRa, The Ever-Living, on our high-quality villain t-shirts. They’ve come to an uneasy truce and have realized they share a similar wish: to rid their Machiavellian machinations from the interference of those meathead do-gooders and be free from the glorified hall monitors that block the path of demonic ascension!

Prince Adam is easily tricked by MummRa’s masterful deceptions having only experienced the bumbling attacks of Skeletor’s incompetent minions. Adam loses the Sword of Power while distracted by Teela climbing out of the pool. MummRa, disguised as a cabana boy, takes advantage of the lapse and swaps the magic blade with a duplicate.

In the greatest enemy exchange since “Throw Mama off The Train,” Lion-O, too used to MummRa’s convoluted schemes, is taken off guard by a muscle-bound Skeletor who attacks with a full frontal assault while wielding the Power Sword! Lion-O is overwhelmed by Skeletor who is augmented by MummRa’s devilish incantations and is disarmed of the Sword of Omens. Prince Adam tries to come to the rescue, but his fake sword isn’t working, and Cringer is too scared to come out of the bathroom!
Skeletor and MumRa Anime

Fortunately, the bad habits of immortal villains never die. While pausing to deliver a ten-minute speech about the details of their sinister plot, MummRa and Skeletor begin to argue about who is the greater champion of all things nefarious. Seeing her chance, Cheetara zips in pulling Lion-O to safety. The heroes have a chance to regroup. 

Will Prince Adam and Lion-O have the fortitude to fight without their magic blades? Will Skeletor and MummRa successfully negotiate a timeshare for the throne of all evil? Will Cringer ever come out of the bathroom? Will there ever be an end to the Snarfing?
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