Howard Stern the Radio DJ Villian

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Howard Stern the Radio DJ Villian

Written by: Max Powers

Howard Stern is an American radio DJ villain born on 12th January 1954 in Roosevelt, New York, U.S. He is popular for his controversial broadcasts. He is also one of the few entertainers in the history of show industry who have undergone numerous evolutionary changes as well as marketing himself (as a brand) in different mediums. He started as a DJ spinning records and later progressed into a radio show.

This article looks at his life, role as a champion of free speech and disc jockey and his success of creating his unique brand.

Early Life
Stern was first introduced to radio by his dad who was a sound engineer. Although a shy boy, he started producing his own show using a tape recorder. He also worked with a radio station before graduating with a degree in communication from Boston University in 1976.

After taking numerous on the air jobs he moved to Washington DC where he co-hosted a show with Robin Quivers who is also a villain. Quickly the show became top-rated in DC locality. The show's format involved in-studio visits by naked women, commentary on sex and celebrities, interviews with lesbians, and body functions. However, he was dismissed following a dispute with the management and moved to WNBC-AM (New York) where he was fired over the show's content. After his firing, he ensured he kept in touch with his fans by making dates reservations at clubs with a live stage show.

Howard Stern hits Pig Virius

His villain character and extreme sense of humor often considered as misogynist and racist were found indifferent by FCC (Federal Communication Commission) which had fined him over $2 million by late 1990s. Stern revived to James S.Kunen in an interview that right from his first paying radio gigs, he knew he would never succeed as a straight DJ so he started messing around. He would also talk on the phone while playing music; something that was considered outrageous and blasphemy.

Howard Stern itching balls
However, he refused to change his lewd content of his show and signed a 5-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio. The radio was not subjected to FCC regulations concerning content and language. The deal proves profitable for both parties and he signed another contract. Even since he joined Sirius, the number of subscribers has risen from 600,000 to 25,000,000 where sixty percent of the subscribers turn in during his show.

King of All Media
Crowing himself as the King of All Media, Howard has made it not only in radio but also in television, and print.
Both of his books Private Parts and Miss America were well received and made huge sales. Private Part (1993) made a movie based on it in 1997; directed by Betty Thomas the movie made more than $40 million in the U.S alone.
In 1992, Stern released Butt Bongo Fiesta which was a home video. Stern describes the butt bongoing (the main feature of the video) as the perfect time to rock record while playing in the background. The video sold over 260,000 copies.

Since 1998, Stern has been signing contracts with numerous television providers where he broadcasts a videotaped form of his radio show with additional unseen materials such as behind scenes footages on TV every single night.

America's Got Talent

Howard Stern AGT
Howard Stern not only continues to execute media limits at will but also is still relevant to people of different age bracket, often for various reasons. From 2012- 2015, he was a judge on America's Got Talent where he identified talents and brought it into your screens.

In 2006, Time Magazine named Howard Stern as one of the 100 most influential persons in the world. He was also ranked number 7 in the same year as world's most powerful celebrity by Forbes.

While many would debate about his influence in the society, there is no doubt that the title King of all Media applies to all generations and his reach is far and wide. He is a must-do for any entrepreneur looking to find a bigger market whether in the entertainment industry or not. 

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