Beetlejuice the Ghost we Love to have a drink with!

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Beetlejuice the Ghost we Love to have a drink with!

Written by: Max Powers

Considered one of the best horror movies of the 90’s, Beetlejuice still lingers in the minds of many. Known as Betelgeuse, the movie has a thrilling plot that makes it both scary and funny to the audience. It was originally released in 1988 but after several revisions, became better in the late 90s. As one of the main characters in the movie, Beetlejuice plays an antagonistic role that portrays him as a selfish and mischievous person who would do anything to get what he wants regardless of who gets hurt.

Beetlejuice at the graveyard

The story revolves around two families who occupy the same house with one family being unaware of the other occupants. A husband and wife known as the Maitlands get into an accident that takes their lives and are transformed into ghosts. As they try to figure out what’s going on, they find themselves in their home which is now occupied by a different couple, the Deetz. With the help of a book they find at the house called “the handbook for the recently deceased”, they get into the afterworld and meet other deceased souls and the rules for survival. They told they have to remain in the house for 125 years and it’s up to them to scare the Deetz away.

Deetz Beetlejuice

Without any success at scaring the new homeowners away despite their trials, they befriend their daughter who also discovers the handbook and reads it. She becomes capable of seeing the ghosts while her parents remain incapable. Seeing no other option, the Maitlands seek the help of Beetlejuice, the movie villain and another ghost who considers himself a bio-exorcist, to scare the Deetz away. Unknown to them, Beetlejuice has his own agenda which involves wrecking havoc in the whole world. As he brings trouble upon the Deetzes, the Maitlands try to stop but realize they cannot. Motivated by the supernatural events taking place, Mrs. Deetz’s mentor tries to summon the Maitlands but ends up causing their bodies to decay.

Beetlejuice takes advantage of the situation when the Deetz’s daughter asks him for help by forcing her to marry him. He saves the Maitlands, gets rid of everyone else except the daughter after organizing a wedding ceremony but  the Maitlands intervene saving her after which the families live together in the
same house.

Beetlejuice marries

Although he is the villain in the movie, Beetlejuice brings about some level of
cleverness that makes him likable to the audience. He is the fun ghost who
likes to party and isn’t afraid of breaking rules to have fun.

Though he is selfish and seems to only care about what benefits him, he has a way of making bad situations seem better and laughable. This is seen towards the end of the movie when a witch doctor makes his head smaller and instead of being mad, he says the new look may suit him in an underwear modeling gig. This together with some of the quotes he says within the movie makes him look like someone it would be fun to party with. The Beetlejuice character makes the movie more enjoyable.

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