Top 5 Japanese Anime Villains

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Top 5 Japanese Anime Villains

Written by: Max Powers


There is an immense craze for the Japanese anime characters, especially the villains. They are very powerful and possess some special and supernatural powers that kids love. Thus, they also like them on their Tshirts. Not only kids, but even some teenagers love this anime characters on their tees. If you are also looking for those cool tees with anime villain characters, then you must go for some popular ones. Here is the list of top 5 Japanese anime villain characters:

#1: Frieza of Dragonball Z

Frieza Dragonball Z

Frieza is one of the wickedest villain characters that kids love to watch. He is the most iconic antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. The most memorable of all the battle between him and protagonist is the final battle of Frieza and Goku. The character is more of a destroyer who seemed to be destructive in nature. He is very powerful and impressive for the kids. In any battle, the way he fights against the protagonist can be quite fascinating for the teenagers and kids. Thus, they love to have a t-shirt with the picture or graphics of Frieza on it.

#2: Aizen of Bleach


The next most popular villain of the Japanese anime series is the Aizen. He is the former captain of the Squad 5. He has a very powerful leadership quality and possess some great powers too. He is literally immortal and that impresses the teenagers as well as the kids more. Of all the Japanese villains, undoubtedly, Aizen is the most talented one ever existed. He has overpowered the protagonist too and is considered as a perfect villain. Unlike other villains who just destroy things, Aizen is more of a clever villain. He sees every battle as a game of chess where he always emerged to the winner or on the top.

#3: Johan Liebert of Monster

This is one of the most unique and well-written Japanese villain characters. With incredible and exceptional role, he is somehow completely different from that of the typical villains. He is above villain and considered as a Monster who can psychologically break people and force them to commit suicide. He is intelligent as well as charismatic in nature. If he wants, he can pursue people to do whatever he wants for himself. He is calm and collected from outside but from inside he has a ferocious and manipulative mind. This can be a great villain character for your Tshirts.

#4: Light of Death Note

Another great Japanese villain of all time is the Light from the Death Note. He has a very positive way of thinking where he wants to create a peaceful new world. Though his ambition was pretty good, the way he wanted to achieve his ambition is highly flawed. He possesses some very strong and magnificent powers. He actually kills the evils and criminals to change the world. For this reason, he is considered as one of the most popular villains of all time.

#5: Naraku of Inuyasha

Naraku of Light

Another popular one among all the Japanese anime villains is Naraku. Though he will give you several reasons to hate him to the core, you cannot simply help but love his skills. He has the evilest mind, besides being calculative and intelligent. All these make him a deadly and powerful villain.


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