Which Avenger would make the best Villain?

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Which Avenger would make the best Villain?

Written by: Max Powers

The Avengers by Marvel is one of the best comic of all time. Because of the immense popularity, this comic has also been given the shape of movie series. People of all ages love to watch it with great interest and enthusiasm. You can also see the characters of this comics on different merchandises like T-shirts, caps, hoodies etc. Of course, the way Avengers fight against the villains is interesting and fascinating. All the Avenger protagonists like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor etc. are quite popular. But what if any of these Avengers has to be a villain, which one would be the best choice? There is a clear winner for us. Read on to know who he is and why.

The Avenger Who Can Make The Best Villain

After looking at all the data, characteristic and stature, it is pretty easy for us to decide the Avenger who can be the best villain. It is the Hulk who is nothing less than that of a green monster. When he is angry and in the destructive mood he is like an unleashed monster who can destroy the whole world. He is undoubtedly the most aggressive, most powerful and most ruthless in nature among all the Avenger superheroes. It is literally impossible for him or for anyone to keep his anger under control.

Hulk smash Thor

The sudden spike of anger always turns him into a green ferocious beast. He can destroy anything and everything that comes in the way of his mission. He has a tremendous advantage of the huge structure, both his physique and height. He can crush huge Lorries and vehicles with his feet. He is 15 to 25 feet in height when Bruce Banner turns into Hulk, the green monster. It is awfully difficult, rather impossible, to defeat him or stop him. With all these qualities and powers in him, he can definitely be one of the best villains among all the Avengers.

Even his aggression is quite uncontrollable. With just one punch, even the superheroes can be blown away from that area. You must have seen in the movie “The Avengers” (2012) how this green monster smashes Loki into the ground to defeat him. His aggression and power is impossible to compare with anyone. So, undoubtedly he can be the best villain of all time. Even kids love to watch him fighting and crushing everyone into the ground.

Hulk Smash

Iron Man As Villain

The next or the second best Avenger who would make the best villain is Iron Man. He is a tech-sassy person with lots of intelligence and very sharp mind. Unlike the green monster, he is more intelligent and has some great tech support that can help him to win almost any battle single-handedly. Tony Stark who turns out to be the super genius, playboy and a billionaire invented the best superhero suit for himself to be the Iron Man. Kids undoubtedly love him because of his humorous nature besides being a scientist.

Iron Man Tony Stark eating

He invents various weapons and renovates the suit of his own using the latest and modern technologies. His powerful armor suit has all the essential tools and weapons that are important to kill or defeat the opponent easily. With his intelligence, it gets easier for him to know his enemy better and defeat him. Besides that, he is also a chief weapon manufacturer and if becomes a villain, he can make any weapons that can destroy the world. So, after Hulk only he can make the best villain from the Avengers.

Iron Man Explosion

Final Verdict

Hulk Smash

So after studying all the facts and information, it is pretty obvious that the Hulk can be the best villain of among the Avengers. This is because he is unstoppable, aggressive and very powerful. He has a destructive mode and when he gets angry he can crush everything on his way. Even if you look at his face, stature and body, it is pretty obvious that he can make the best villain. He not only defeats his enemy like Iron Man but he crushes and destroys them so that they can’t even stand up. Just because of his aggressive, powerful and destructive nature and green monster look, he can be one of the best villains among all the Avengers.

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