The 5 Best Female Villains We Love to Hate

Cruella de Vil, Game of Thrones, Gwenpool, Harley Quinn -

The 5 Best Female Villains We Love to Hate

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What good is a hero without a villain? They practically create their jobs and the best female villains take it to a whole new level!

Female villains have been around for years stealing, maiming, and all around being fabulous with the rest of the criminals. There may be fewer of them, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in style.

The Best Female Villains

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil Driving Mad

Sure, she's Disney, but we know and love her all the same.

This personification of evil was the first experience many of us had with a female baddie. With a plan that would send John Wick into a rage, she was burned into our memories.

Cruella was a person vile enough to harm the most innocent creatures of all.


For Disney, the story was surprisingly dark. Kidnapping over one hundred dalmatians all for the sake of their soft, supple, skin to be used in the fashion world.


Unbelievable GwenPool

No, she isn't some fan-created girlfriend (but don't hate on our pairings).

Gwenpool had a short, but legendary run as a fourth wall breaking antihero, hero, and supervillain. Really, she can't choose!

Going beyond even Deadpool's abilities this unassuming powerhouse in pink has ripped literal holes in her comic book pages to meet her goals.

With the ultimate ability of spoilers, she's chaos incarnate. It isn't long before she defeats her future evil self who turned the Marvel universe into her playground...only to become a villain again when her series faced cancellation.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn at the Carnival with Bat

For her ability to wrap us up in her world of delusion and love we can't help but adore Harley Quinn. Best female villains or otherwise, she deserves to be on any list.

Her bubbly personality mixing with her psychotic nature has made her a fan favorite ever since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series.

And she's not without her own skills.

With genius intellect, gymnastic ability, and (thanks to a run in with Poison Ivy) a toxic immunity she isn't someone to clown around with.

Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell No need to speak

Sharp wit and intense cunning made Olenna a force to be reckoned with.

Not only did this matriarch kill [redacted] but she coined a phrase so coldhearted that it sent shockwaves through the internet.

"Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me."

Her last words are parroted on meme after meme of adorable animals wearing anything that looks like her trademark hat.

We don't know what she'd have to say about that and we're relieved we don't have to find out.

Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge

We have no umbrage with Umbridge.

This unassuming woman in prim and proper pink is not only deliciously devious, but she marks a turning point in the Harry Potter series. Crossing a line that was toed at in the Goblet of Fire she proves that evil can be anywhere.

The people you trust, the society you rely on, the laws that keep order; they can all be manipulated.

With Umbridge's introduction, both reader and characters are faced with the uncomfortable truth that anyone can be corrupt.

Best Female Villains?

What do you think, found a villain to love or did we miss your favorite? With thousands of comic books, shows, and movies it's hard to pick just five.

Give us a piece of your mind with a comment below or drop us a line. We'd love to know which female villains left a mark on your heart!

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