Was Dwight Schrute the Villain or was it Jim Halpert the entire time? 

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Was Dwight Schrute the Villain or was it Jim Halpert the entire time? 

Thanks to the funny way he wore his work shirts and his odd behavior, many people thought that Dwight Schrute was the bad guy in "The Office." It's clear the writers of the show wanted you to think that he was indeed the guy you were supposed to dislike over and over. 

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It wasn't just about the weird shirts that were kind of dress shirts and kind of casual wear that made Dwight look bad. It was the fact that he often ordered his coworkers around at the weirdest and wildest times. Despite all of that behavior, it has come to some people's attention that he wasn't the bad guy after all. He was someone who certainly didn't really know how to interact with other people, but he wasn't really mean. He was someone who was raised to think that something like a beet farm was a prized possession.


He was someone who spent most of his off hours hanging out with his cousin Mose. And he was someone who carried on quite a long love affair with Angela in secret, for no other reason than they simply didn't want the other people in the office to know they were a couple. He had a weird personality, but it wasn't malignant. The same can't be said for Jim Halpert. 


For most of the show's run, Jim was portrayed as the kind of everyman in the office. He was the guy who we all were supposed to see the story through. He was the guy who would look at the camera with that kind of "do you believe these people?" look on his face.


Jim Halpert Smug


That was certainly true for the first couple of seasons for Jim. He was also the guy who seemed to have been the innocent who had just fallen in love with Pam and would do anything he could to be with her. It's possible that his infatuation with Pam that kind of twisted Jim and turned him into the real villain of the show.


Jim was someone who seemed to kind of fight back against the way the Dwight would overstep his bounds by pulling pranks on Schrute. At first, it was nothing more than putting office supplies into Jello in order to make it clear that he was indeed pulling a prank. Over the years, the pranks started to get more elaborate. They were less warm hearted and more mean. Those pranks seemed to be about trying to make Dwight lose his mind, or convince him that he lost his mind, more than they were just to have some good clean fun.

 Jello Prank The Office Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert


Jim really became the villain when he moved on from pulling pranks on Dwight and started pulling them on Andy. Andy wasn't even like Dwight in that he didn't seem to understand why he was not liked. Andy was a guy who desperately wanted to fit in with the popular kids. He was annoying, calling Jim "Big Tuna" but he was even less malignant than Dwight. He was someone who genuinely thought he and Jim were friends. For his troubles, the real villain of the show turned his sights on him and made sure that his life was largely a pain in the butt all the time. 


Andy Bernard Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert Christmas


Jim was someone who went from being the guy that everyone was rooting for, to someone who you often thought he might have stepped over the line. He did it more often than people are likely willing to admit. People liked Jim, they didn't want to see him be the jerk her turned out to be, but there were early signs. Remember Amy? The girl that Jim dated when he was trying to get over Pam?


While she was cute and funny and all the guys at the office wanted to date her, Jim was the one who got her. He treated her like the consolation prize he felt she was. In the end, he dumped her by telling her they didn't have a future. He did so on a date she thought was going well. 


There were also the numerous, numerous times that Jim did something that got the rest of the office in various states of trouble. He knew he was doing this, usually as a way to try and help Pam, and didn't back off once. In the end, Jim was really the bad guy. The world of the office changed over the years, but that was one of the constants of the show. 

Dwight as Jim and Jim as Dwight The Office 


If you look back and look at everything that happened, you'll see he was the big bad from the beginning. 


Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and whether you've come to the same realization in the comments below this story. Then look at other shows where the good guy might have been the bad guy.


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