Which Villain should have there own Movie?

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Which Villain should have there own Movie?

Written by: Max Powers

We all love the riveting stories of the unlikely superheroes who overcome all odds to save the world. But perhaps it's time we change the moving tides. Why shouldn't we get a closer look at the villains who make everything a tad bit interesting? It's obvious that movie villains have more fun than superheroes! 

Villains like our superheroes are three-dimensional characters. They have their abilities, stories, and enemies. Besides, they have the capabilities of commanding a full movie. Who knows, the villain may become the hero of the story. Here are top five villains who deserve a movie of their own.

1. Magneto 

Magneto full power

Nothing screams power like magneto the mutant from the X-men comics. He easily takes the top spot considering his plethora of stories that would definitely make a compelling and awesome show. If you are a fan, you saw the flashbacks of his period in the Nazi internment with Charles Xavier. His movie would be an icon that showcases his ideologies and prejudices against his enemies.

2. Jafar

Jafar Aladin
Jafar, everyone's favorite sorcerer, was an entertaining character from Aladdin. He not only seduced the sultan to marry the daughter, but he also convinced us to come a second time in his sequel Return of Jafar. Beyond that, his Disney character highlighted malicious forces within the film. He combined charisma and style. Imagine bringing such a character to the big screen as he welds his sneering parrot one hand and his staff on the other.

3. Mystique 

Mystique is one character that we hands down love to hate. She can deceive by the eyes and the mind. We have seen some of her heroic traits, but she always makes sure that one foot is always on the door of villain acts. Considering her numerous interactions and the stories behind them she is the best pick for a star on the big screen. She will showcase not only the fierce x-men but also the mutants. Think about the star power of the famous Jennifer Laurence! This show would earn some big bucks.

4. Black Widow
Black Widows best kills

It's absolutely ridiculous that we haven't seen a solo feature from the black widow. While she hasn't had the appropriate backload of history, the character is continuously engaging in the MCU debut. Thanks to the continual presence in Marvel movies, the black widow character has significantly risen to one of the most recognized figures. This role can easily carry the Bourne-esque spy thriller to the top of the charts. 

5. Dark Phoenix 
Dark Phoenix

Usually, we here about villains who become heroes. However, in Phoenix's case, a hero becomes a villain. The Dark Phoenix is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. She portrayed qualities of telepathy that once destroyed the solar system wiping out billions of beings. It would be fascinating to see a story that features the Dark Phoenix where she gets to exercise and portray her genocidal powers once again. 

Its hands down exciting if we got to see these characters on the big screen. If you're looking forward to getting high-quality Villain Tshirts inspired by your favorite villain movie character, head on to our store and get the best pick.

Happy villainy!
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