Who is more sane the Joker Or Green Goblin?!?

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Who is more sane the Joker Or Green Goblin?!?

Written By: Max Powers

 Joker and Green Goblin

If you are a fan of either Spiderman and Batman, then you have many reasons to find quite a few things interesting about this topic. Both these Superheros are unique in their own way. They also have a few things unusual about there most dangerous enemies.  As far as Batman is concerned, it's the Joker. The Green Goblin is Spiderman's biggest foe. Both have one shared common trait about them, and it is their craziness and their habit for doing some of the most uncommon and hilarious things.  If you are on the lookout for some insane villains, it makes sense to spend some time learning more about the crazy character traits by both Green Goblin and The Joker. It indeed will be a break from the seriousness and mystery often associated with the two main characters.


What Sets These Two Characters Apart

Joker and Green Goblin riding together

The Joker from Batman is the poster child for everything that perhaps is twisted, sick and abnormal. There is not one moment of saneness in the Joker's life. Those who have followed The Joker would know that he is inhuman and doesn't care what happens to other people. He has hurt so many people and killed so many of them and is considered heartless. He is remorseless and does not for a moment think that it can happen to him too.

Joker Crazy HAHAHA

When we look at Green Goblin, we can be quite sure that he too is a lunatic and a man of unstable mind. He perhaps is one step above The Joker. The Green Goblin derives cynical pleasure when he sees others struggling and would like to cause physical, mental and emotional hurt as much as possible. He is unremorseful and does not give a damn as to what happens to others.  He also is diabolical in his mindset and not many would forget how he tried to frame Spiderman for a murder.

Green Goblin  

Some Cruel Moments

When drawing comparisons between the two villains, it would be interesting to look at an episode from each of their lives. Those who follow Joker would never forget the way in which he treated Barbra Gordon. Shooting her in cold blood and left her paralyzed.

 Joker shoots Barbra Gordon

The Green Goblin worst crime perhaps is his throwing Gwen Stacy from The Washington Bridge. Spiderman throws his web and tries to prevent Gwen from falling and dying. However, little does he realize that the shooting of the web would be insufficient to save the life of Gwen.  Goblin certainly has his share of laughter as he sees Spiderman suffer from the tragic loss of Gwen and Spiderman feels guilty that he is perhaps in some way responsible for it.

Green Goblin Kills Gwen

What do you think?  Who in your opinion is the craziest villain??

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Faceoff Joker and Green Goblin


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