Top 5 Most Diabolical Villains From Non-Comic Book Movies

Top 5 Most Diabolical Villains From Non-Comic Book Movies

Written by: Max Powers

Ahhhhh.... villains. They wreak havoc on the big screen, and the most convincing ones haunt our nightmares. But when you think of baddies, do you focus on comic book characters like Loki, the Joker, and Bane?

If so, we're about to hit you with our list of villains who redefine diabolical. None of them originated in comic books or horror movies. That'd be too easy. Read on for our rundown of the top five silver screen antagonists of the twenty-first century.

1) Anton Chigurh: No Country for Old Men (2007)

No Country For Old Men

Look at this guy the wrong way, and you're dead. Breathe too loud, and you're dead. Blink at the wrong time, and you get my point. Anton Chigurh exudes relentless chaos, anarchy, and violence.

Hell, one cold-hearted, remorseless look from this guy would likely stop your heart. And if he's looking your way AT ALL, it's already too late.

As No Country for Old Men progresses, we watch him leave a trail of death and destruction behind without so much as the bat of an eyelash. He's one of the worst villains on the silver screen because of his unpredictability and callous cruelty.

2) Raoul Silva: Skyfall (2012)

Raoul Silva gets under your skin like no other Bond villain before him. Enigmatic, mentally unstable, and highly emotional, Silva smashes every kitschy Bond trope one by one. Where to start?

Raoul Silva Skyfall

He shoots a potential Bond girl in the head without a second thought. We don't know what's worse, his twisted face--the result of failed suicide by hydrogen cyanide--or his creepy voice calling M "Mommy" during emotional outbursts.

At one point, Silva tells Bond, "She sent you after me, knowing you're not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad."

Finally, Silva manages to take out one of the Bond series' most iconic characters while blowing up Bond's ancestral home, the last traces of his life before being orphaned.

3) John Fitzgerald: The Revenant (2015)

Like Javier Bardem, Tom Hardy has the uncanny ability to make us question his sanity onscreen and in real life. He delves so deeply into character that we start to wonder how he ever gets back out. This couldn't be truer than in his portrayal of the villainous, half-scalped John Fitzgerald.

Whether he's suffocating Leonardo DiCaprio's character (Hugh Glass) with a handkerchief while whispering evil nothings in his ear or killing Glass's son in front of him, Fitzgerald sucks as a human being. What's more, he believes God is a squirrel and justifies his unspeakable acts as logical and even merciful. When he says, "God giveth, God taketh away," we can't shake the feeling Fitzgerald thinks he's talking about himself.

4) Cipher: The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Cipher Fate of the Furious

A gorgeous cyberterrorist with a god complex, Cipher will stop at nothing to bring the world to the brink of global nuclear war. When she's not stealing nuclear submarines, she's threatening babies and killing their mothers. Or, as she puts it, "To the world out there, I'm the crocodile at the watering hole."

Cipher insinuates herself between the Fast and Furious franchise's star couple, Dom and Letty. She hacks into hundreds of cars sending them careening off the top of a New York City parking garage and en masse over roadways, and she tries to detonate a nuclear submarine. Like John Fitzgerald, she believes until the bitter end that she is the good guy, making her one of our favorite new famous female villains.

5) Sabine Moreau: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

Mission Impossible

When it comes to villain names, Sabine Moreau may be a new one to you. She's hot, remorseless, and deadly.

Moreau never breaks a sweat in the opening scene when she walks coolly toward agent Trevor Hanaway, shooting him multiple times, the last happening mid-embrace. Then, she steals nuclear launch codes from him leaving him to bleed to death in the street.

She only takes diamonds for payment and doesn't mind offering these nuclear launch codes to the highest, a man hell-bent on starting World War 3. Her gaze remains vacant and remorseless throughout her performance, giving us glimpses of a ruthless, mechanical assassin.

A true sociopath, she is incapable of emotional connection. Well, except maybe with her diamonds! She remains enigmatic and cruel to the end.

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While the hit parade of villains could go on and on, these five bad guys span the spectrum of emotional basket cases to efficient assassins. Three of the five act from righteous indignation, believing they are not only warranted but absolutely right in their actions: Silva, Fitzgerald, and Cipher.

The other two, Chigurh and Moreau, don't care enough to ever question right and wrong. They act out of a vacant numbness that's devastating and heartless, taking what they want along the way.

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